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1st USCCC Prelims Final 50/1209 91/105 1.10.2006 23.10.2004 Prelims Final
2nd USCCC Prelims Final 33/525 2/78 23.10.2004 6.08.2004 Prelims Final
3rd USCCC Prelims Final 20/420 7/105 23.10.2004 23.10.2004 Prelims Final
4th USCCC Prelims Final 46/330 54/105 29.11.2004 27.11.2004 Prelims Final
5th USCCC Prelims Final 24/?? 34/105 23.10.2004 29.11.2004 Prelims Final
6th USCCC Prelims Final 708/1014 19/105 16.01.2005 23.10.2004 Prelims Final
7th USCCC Prelims Final 62/858 103/105 2.10.2007 2.08.2004 Prelims Final
8th USCCC Prelims Final 39/756 91/91 30.03.2005 16.09.2004 Prelims Final
9th USCCC Prelims Final 26/588 9/120 23.10.2004 2.08.2004 Prelims Final
10th USCCC Prelims Final 68/1032 136/136 23.10.2004 11.12.2006 Prelims Final
11th USCCC Prelims Final 108/1470 44/105 29.06.2005 29.06.2005 Prelims Final
12th USCCC Prelims Final 50/924 51/136 23.10.2004 14.08.2005 Prelims Final
13th USCCC Prelims Final 604/1260 40/105 16.09.2005 23.10.2004 Prelims Final
14th USCCC Prelims   869/936 0/105 18.08.2004 --- Prelims Final
15th USCCC Prelims Final 628/780 105/105 8.12.2004 1.10.2006 Prelims Final
16th USCCC Prelims
204/204 78/78 5.01.2006 30.11.2008 Prelims Final
17th USCCC Prelims   178/183 0/105 21.06.2007   Prelims Final
Note: 1st - 17th USCCCs were played via post. 1st and 2nd Email were played via email.
1st WS and following events were played via ICCF webserver.
1st Email USCCC Prelims Final 1/189 1/55 23.10.2004 23.10.2004 Prelims Final
2nd Email USCCC Prelims Final 103/105 36/36 17.01.2005 25.09.2006 Prelims Final
1st WS USCCC Prelims
126/126 36/36 21.09.2006 9.03.2008 Prelims Final
18th USCCC     -/189       Prelims
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This is the home of the ICCF-U.S. archive of games played in the USA Championships (USCCC tournaments). As part of a project to capture games from past USCCC events these databases will be updated as new games become available, so an update date is given for each database. Also, any errors discovered will be applied to these databases. Hopefully, these databases will eventually contain a significant number of games from these USA championship events. Players are invited to supply any games missing from these archives. New crosstables will be added as events are started. Databases will be added when events are finished.

Links are provided to allow you to download PGN files of games played in the specified tournaments. Where it has been feasible, the PGN headers closely follow the guidelines for the ICCF Games Archive (click on "Games Archive" at the top of the ICCF Web Site for more ICCF games and the PGN guidelines).

Note to participants: if you find any errors in the game scores or other game information; if your game is missing from any of these events; or if you have game collections of past events which should be available here ... please Contact the Archivist.

Special thanks to those who put in a tremendous amount of work to enter these games from original sources. Many games were collected by the archivist from various databases, but some large collections of games (original player game scores or printed games in magazines) were input move by move, taking hundreds of hours. Here are some of the people who made it happen:

Game scores collected and provided by: Allen F. Wright and Maurice Carter

6th USCCC Prelim games entered from Chess International magazine by Chris Ferrante (1/2005)

10th USCCC Final games entered from score sheets by Jon Edwards

13th USCCC Prelim games entered from score sheets by N. Eric Pedersen (ongoing)

14th USCCC Prelim games entered from score sheets by J. Franklin Campbell (8/2004)

15th USCCC Prelim games entered from score sheets by N. Eric Pedersen (11/2004)

7th USCCC Prelim games added from Chess International magazine by Chris Ferrante (10/2007)

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