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Archive of ICCF-U.S. News for 2005
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(December 11, 2005)
The Top 50 list of active players with fixed ratings has been updated. This means the ratings are based on 30 or more results, and the players have been active during the last 5 years. We wish to welcome and congratulate Kenneth Reinhart, James P. Monacell, and G. Robert Arnold to the list for the first time.
(December 4, 2005)

Dear chessfriends,

ICCF is glad to announce its end-of-year gift to everyone around the World: a free 2-game match on our dedicated ICCF WebChess server!
The offer is open to anyone! Just fill a form with your personal information (name and surname, nationality, e-mail address), and we will pair you in a free 2-game match with someone else from around the World.
You can find the form on the ICCF WebChess server. Just go to http://www.iccf-webchess.com/ .
In the main page, you click on "New Events". Then click on "Enter" in the line with the offer to participate in a Friendly 2-game match. Fill with your personal information and click "OK" when you're done.
There are no fees to be paid, it's free!
The rhythm of play will be 10 moves in 40 days, and the games will be unrated, so your ELO (if you have one) will not change with the result.
It is a unique opportunity to test our great ICCF WebChess server whilst playing two friendly games!
The deadline for entries is December 31, 2005. We will be starting matches throughout December and the last batch will be online in early January.
Don't miss this great opportunity! 2 free games! On our ICCF WebChess server! Unrated!
Send your entry NOW, don't wait until December 31!
(Nov. 14, 2005)

Photos are available from the 2005 ICCF Congress held in Argentina. Please take a look at the Congress 2005 photo page!

(Nov. 3, 2005)

Please take a look at the reports from the 2005 ICCF Congress held in Argentina. The general reports can be found at http://correspondencechess.com/congress/ while Ruth Ann Fey has provided us with some interesting commentary at the link: "Congress Report by Ruth Ann Fay"

and at the ICCF-NAPZ home page!

(Oct. 24, 2005)

The 2005 ICCF Congress is starting in a few days - please note that Ruth Ann and Max will be "out of the office" from Oct. 26th until November 11.

(Sept. 1, 2005)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by Hurricane Katrina... It is a great tragedy...

(August 30, 2005)

ICCF-NAPZ has launched it's web-site to compliment those by Africa/Asia and Europe. While still in the "under-construction" phase, you can find the page at:


Please let the web-master know if you find any problem or would like to make a suggestion!

(August 15, 2005)

Med Samraoui has just published the ICCF - Africa/Asia web page: http://www.iccf-europa.com/aa/index.htm  The page is still under construction, but already contains much information on the Africa/Asia Zone of ICCF. Also note that ICCF-Europe already has a page and can be found under the links tab.

(June 15, 2005)

The 10th North American Invitational CC Championship (NAICCC) will officially start on the 1 July 2005 and will be played on the ICCF server (www.iccf-webchess.com). This is one of North America's most important CC events. It dates back to 1971. When the tournament was first started, the winner qualified for the World Championship Final. This was Victor Palciauskas’ route to the WC Final. Under current ICCF Rules, the top 3 winners qualify for the World Championship Cycle based on the Tournament Category. The “Invitational” in the name is somewhat misleading. It was designed as the “Continental Championship” under the old ICCF Rules. The qualification to the WC cycle is based on this history. 

The NAICCC X is a Category VII and the top 3 winners will qualify for the Candidates section. Players from Canada, the USA and Mexico are participating. Once again the event is a strong one, Category VII, with 3 SIMs and 5 IMs, average rating 2417. The event will start out with no live coverage. Once each game has reached at least 20 moves, the tournament will be switched to live coverage, with a 3-move delay. Ralph Marconi, IA is directing the event for the 3rd time.

Below is the list of participants in seeding order:

Category 7, Norms: GM=9˝ SIM=8 IM=7

TD: IA, Ralph P. Marconi (CAN)

1.  (USA) Michelman, Peter (2285) (CCLA nominee)

2.  (USA) IM Brandhorst, Wesley T. (2421) (USCF nominee)

3.  (CAN) IM-elect Ruben, Gary (2467)

4.  (USA) SM Weisskohl, Jerry (2522)

5.  (USA) IM Skeels, James B. (2413) (APCT nominee)

6.  (USA) IM Millstone, Michael (2411)

7.  (CAN) Douziech, Richard (2335)

8.  (CAN) IM Demian, Valer-Eugen (2420)

9.  (MEX) SM Aldrete Lobo, Jorge (2503)

10. (CAN) Akwei, Loving (2333)(Canadian CC Champion)

11. (USA) White, David (2374)

12. (USA) SM Bokar, Dr. Jason (2577)

13. (CAN) Maurer, Serge (2365)

For those who wish to follow the progress of this event go to "Tables and Results" under the System header, then scan down to "Memorials and Invitationals events" then click on 10th North American Invitational CC Championship at the ICCF server (www.iccf-webchess.com)

The following page has an article about the history of the NAICCC written by John F. Cleeve. http://correspondencechess.com/marconi/naiccc.history.htm

Previous NAICCC winners:

I       Robert Cross (USA)
II      John Kalish    (USA) and Victor Palciauskas  (USA)
III     Johnathan Berry (Can)
IV    John Wright     (Can)
V     Eric Tangborn   (USA)
VI    Denis Pineault  (Can)
VII   Gary Kuback (USA) and Paul Thompson (USA)
VIII  Jon Edwards   (USA)
IX    André DeVriendt      (CAN)
May 25, 2005

USA finishes 2nd in the 5th North Atlantic Team Tournament

All games have been completed in the ICCF's 5th North Atlantic Teams Tournament and the final position of the teams have been determined -
First went to France with 62 1/2 points. Congratulations to the French Team!!

The United States finished second with 58 points.

Tied for third and fourth were Canada and Spain with 57 1/2 points.

The complete field of teams also included Ireland, Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Norway and Portugal. Many thanks to USA Team Captain N. Eric Pedersen for his help and guidance throughout the match!

For a complete set of crosstables, please go to the ICCF website at www.iccf.com.
(March 24, 2005)


ICCF is looking for a new DE Administrator as well as Deputy Administrators. We are looking for responsible, proactive people.  Familiarity with current email, word processing, and spreadsheet programs is required.  Multiple language skills is a plus, but not essential.  In addition to the above, the DE Administrator must be able to process payments via PayPal and other online brokers, and receive Wire and Bank transfers and Western Union money transfers, and make payments to ICCF accounts.

The Direct Entry Office will consist of a DE Administrator and three or four Deputy Administrators who will help the DE Administrator process entries and queries from different geographical regions. 

The DE Administrator will report to the Finance Director and will interact regularly with the Membership & Services Director, the World Tournament Director, the Title Tournament Commissioner, the Non-Title tournament Commissioner, as well as other tournament office officials.

Anyone interested in applying should notify Ruth Ann Fay at ICCF-US, zprchess@aol.com. ICCF needs to fill these DE Office positions, as soon as possible, so the Executive Board can proceed with the analysis and selection of the most appropriate nominee.

The implementation of the Direct Entry Programme is subject to the availability of a DE Administrator.

(March 7, 2005):


The new ICCF rating list is out (see ICCF Home page for full details ). However, you can find the US top 51 list here on ICCF-US. Please follow the Player Ranks link to the left or follow this link!

(March 1, 2005):

ICCF-US is pleased to announce that Randy Schmidt is the 14th USCCC Champion. He completed the Final with a score of 11 1/2 out of 14 games.  His ICCF rating will cross over 2500 with this last result. This accomplishment has taken over 6 years. The 14th Postal USCCC preliminary sections started in October 1998. Randy also had a score of 11 1/2 in his Preliminary section out of 12 games.

The crosstable for the 14th USCCC Final is at http://correspondencechess.com/campbell/us14/usccc14f.htm
Note that 2nd and 3rd places are not yet determined. SIM Dr. Jason Bokar, John R. Menke, and IM Keith A. Rodriguez are tied with 9 1/2 games, but Dr. Bokar has 1 game remaining. SIM Edward Duliba has 9 points and 1 game remaining. This has been a hard fought tournament.

Randy Schmidt has earned both a trophy and a nomination to the ICCF World Championship Semi-Finals. Randy Schmidt is a Life member of USCF.

Please join us in congratulating him on this accomplishment.

Amici Sumus
Max Zavanelli
Ruth Ann Fay

(February 9, 2005):

CC Grandmaster Joop J. van Oosterom (Netherlands) has become the 18th World Champion!

Congratulations to Joop J. van Oosterom (NED) on clinching the title of 18th World Champion in the WC final round with the outstanding score 11-3 (8 wins, 6 draws, no losses). See crosstable. He is also the top-rated player on the ICCF rating list at 2754. He gained the grandmaster title in 1993.

See ICCF Announcement
Download ChessBase cbv file of van Oosterom's games

(January 21, 2005):

Another Special Tournament Announcement



AJEC / Asia vs. Rest of the World

If you are interested in playing in this event - please see the order form. All entry fees will go to a charity organization.

(January 21, 2005):

Special Tournament Announcement!

Foglar Veterans Invitational Tournament
The Czech Federation is inviting players who are over age 50 with ICCF ratings over 2300 to play in a special email tournament honoring Mr. Stanislav Folgar. Contact ICCF-US if you are interested in playing. Earlier entries will receive preference. Entries close 20 March 2005. Please click on the link above for more details!

(January 16, 2005):

Important contribution to USCCC Game Archive!

A big thanks goes out to Chris Ferrante for providing the games from the 6th USCCC preliminary round. Chris did an admirable job of entering these moves using the old Chess International magazine as his source.  Thanks to Chris (and to Franklin for his continuing efforts to provide us with this wonderful contribution to US CC players!) for his outstanding job.  Please take a moment to visit the archive page!

Franklin asks that if anyone notices any credits missing on the archive page or if someone should be added to the list of credits ... please let him know.

(January 10, 2005):

Rate Change Announcement:

ICCF has increased the entry fees it charges to member federations as of January 1, 2005. This required a restructuring of our entry fees. We also had to take into consideration that the US dollar has dropped 17% against the Swiss Franc in the last 2 years. This is currency in which we pay the USA's ICCF membership dues and entry fees.

ICCF is now offering tournaments on its own WebChess Server. This means that ICCF now has development and certain fixed maintenance costs. Previous transmission methods, post, fax, and email, did not have these costs. Server development was needed for ICCF to remain the premier international correspondence chess organization.

The good news is that we have reduced fees for World Tournament Postal sections. We thank all our postal players for their years of support. Your fees, which have not increased since before 1991, have paid for USPCF's ICCF membership dues and entry fees. Many players have continued postal play in spite of the lower email "introductory" fee.

The World Tournament Promotional sections will have the same entry fee for post, email, and server. We expect the server to completely replace email play. We believe that there are many players that still want postal play, and we hope this fee structure attracts them.

Thematics tournaments have not increased. For those that just want some non-book line fun, Fischer Random Tournament sections are remain free for 2005.

Please refer to the Order Form for further information.

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