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Archive of ICCF-U.S. News for 2001
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10 Oct 2001: For an account of the new titles awarded to USA players at the ICCF Congress in Rimini, Italy, please check out the New Titles report.

ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli (left)
receives his IM medal and certificate
from ICCF President Alan Borwell

ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli (left)
receives medals and certificates from ICCF
President Borwell in behalf of USA competitors.
18-Sept-01: Read the Letters from our friends that have been pouring into the ICCF-U.S. Office from our friends all over the world!
10-Sept-01: For the latest on this year's ICCF Congress in Rimini, Italy go to the ICCF Congress Web Site. Watch for the Congress Reports by Pedro Hegoburu. Reports and photos of previous tournaments are also available.
10-Sept-01: Title Norm Table now posted giving results required to score norms in ICCF tournaments
New USA Top 50 List (17-May-2001)

Our next list will include Dr. Hans Berliner, 2763. He recently agreed to play in the 50th Anniversary World Champions Jubilee Tournament. He has not had a result reported since 1968. This special tournament will put him back on the active list.

Two of our US Champions, Robin Smith, 2587, and Timothy Murray, 2556 from the 11th USCCC would be on the list but for the fact that the preliminary rounds were not rated by ICCF at that time. David Taylor, 2528, 7th USCCC, has not been active since 1989 and is 3 games shy of a fixed rating. We note that he is now playing on the TCCMB.

Robin Smith Clinches 13th USA CC Championship!

Robin Smith

New US Champ
Robin Smith

Congratulations to Robin Smith on his repeat as the USA CC Champion! In the 11th USCCC he tied two others for the championship. This time he has won the championship unshared with an undefeated record of ten wins and three draws (11½-1½). Mark F. Morss(9 points, 1 game remaining) seems destined for 2nd place, though Ted Houser (6 points, 5 games remaining) is still in the running. To check out the details see the 13th USCCC Crosstable. To view his previous championship score see 11th USCCC Crosstable. Robin Smith joins two other players who have won the championship twice, the late Dr. Eugene Martinovsky in the 2nd USCCC and the 8th USCCC and Stephen Jones in the 9th USCCC and 11th USCCC tournaments.

Happy 50th Birthday ICCF!
The International Correspondence Chess Federation was constituted on 22nd March 1951 and has, since then, served the international cc community,

Borwell & Zavanelli 
ICCF President Alan Borwell
(left) and ICCF-U.S. Secretary
Max Zavanelli at the 1999
ICCF Congress in Thun

held world championships & team Olympiads, granted titles and international ratings and generally promoted our art/sport/science throughout the world. Competition is available to all classes of players. To celebrate this significant occasion ICCF President Alan Borwell has announced several free tournaments and special events. Read his Special Jubilee Press Release at the ICCF web site

4 February 2001 News Release
NAPZ Prize Tournament Results Update
ICCF Congress in Daytona Beach, FL
September 2000
ICCF Congress Photos
Also see Photos at 'The Campbell Report'
2000 Congress Reports now available:
Report # 1 | Report # 2 | Report # 3 | Report # 4

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