Between 7/1/20 - 9/30/20 


Two new friendly matches were started this past quarter year


(1) vs. Aruba: This is an 8-board match with an island country that is not yet an ICCF member federation.  This friendly match represents our way of supporting that tiny nation's pursuit of ICCF membership by helping them build interest from within - only their second friendly match ever!   The USA Team Captain is IM Dennis Doren.  First board is being played by Stanley Jarosz versus Valentino Martis.  You can find this match at the following URL:

(2) vs. Germany:  This 158-board (!!) match is the second largest and involves the greatest number of different USA players (157) during the past score of years at least.  (The previous record holder was also against Germany.  In 2014, we played a match with 162 boards but only involving about 140 different USA players.)  The USA Team Captain is SIM Thomas Biedermann .  Our first board is being played by GM Stephen Ham, the currently highest rated active USA player.  His opponent is GM Wolfgang Brodda.  You can find this match at the following URL:


Dennis Doren, ICCF-Friendly Match Organizer