Between 4/1/20 - 6/30/20:  Two new friendly matches were started this past quarter year:


(1) vs. Mexico:  An 18-board match, representing a rematch for the USA after our loss to the Mexican team in 2017.  The USA Team Captain is IM Andrew Leonard.  First board is also being played by IM Andrew Leonard versus IM Juan Gustavo Mercado Martinez.  You can find this match at the following URL: .

(2) vs. England:  A 105-board (!!) match in which we are looking to accomplish a "three-peat", having won against England both in 2008 and 2012.  It has been a lot of years since our last match, though, so they may have become tougher.  The USA Team Captain is SIM Michael Millstone.  First board is a battle of the top rated active players from both countries!  Our first board is being played by GM Stephen Ham.  His opponent is GM Peter Coleman.  You can find this match at the following URL:

If you are not playing in Friendly Matches, you need to let Dennis Doren ( know of your interest.

Dennis Doren, ICCF-US Friendly Match Organizer