December 2, 2017

World Zone Announces Officers

As announced by GM Jason Bokar, NAPZ Zonal Director, to all US players in a letter last month, as of January 1, 2018 ICCF-US will be part of the new World Zone and NAPZ is disbanded. ICCF news announcement "New World Zone Update" gives additional details including the slate of officers and should be read by all US players.

This is an exciting announcement that should provide additional opportunities for all World Zone players. It will also affect this website as World Zone will have its own website. So there will be an update on or about January 1st to remove NAPZ information (except historical references). With the exception of noting that ICCF-US is part of World Zone and a link to their website, I will remove zonal information in favor of their website.

Dan Perry, ICCF-US Webmaster