October 29, 2017

Tim Murray Becomes 12th US ICCF Grandmaster!

Bob Rizzo, ICCF-US Titles Officer, has announced that SIM Tim Murray has scored 9 points in WCCC35CT02 and in doing so completing the requirements for his long overdue GM title. This makes GM Tim Murray only the 12th ICCF GM in the history of ICCFUS chess! So a hearty and well earned congratulations to Tim on this signal achievement.

Additionally, WCC35CT02 is a candidates tourney in the World Correspondence Chess Champoinship. With a few games left for some of his opponents he is in first by a full point and only one player has a chance to tie him for first. So this result also guarantees Tim a spot in the WCCC Finals! Once again, congratulations Tim.

Dan Perry, ICCF-US Webmaster