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SIM Jason Bokar (2460)
IM Jason Bokar
IM Jason Bokar
I started playing chess at the age of 7, and played over-the-board for many years and reached master level before I had to dedicate my time to studying engineering at University. I made my first foray into postal chess in 1989 within the U.S. Chess Federation, since I was already a member. I soon developed an interest in competing internationally and branched out to ICCF events in 1991 by competing in an ICCF-US team event (USA - Finland). I began the quest for the IM title in 2000 when I started the MATE Postal B tournament. This was a traditional "snail mail" event. I found the going tough early on in the match when many of my games appeared drawish. However, several games went my way and fought hard in a couple games to get the full point, and I was awarded for my efforts by getting the required points for the title with one game remaining. I was doubly pleased when, in just two weeks later, I again obtained enough points to reach the IM title norm in the NAPZ 1st Email Championship. Now, I have already taken aim at the SIM title by obtaining one of the three required SIM norms, with opportunities to gain the remaining two in the next year. Perhaps 2003 will be as good as 2002?! [Note: SIM title awarded at the 2003 Congress in Ostrava, Czech Republic]


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