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23 October 2007

David Myers wins US CC Championship
1st Webserver USCCC Final

New USA Correspondence Chess Champion


David Myers
with Chess Library

Dave Myers Wins USA Championship

Congratulations to Dave Myers on clinching first place in the USA Championship (1st WS USCCC Final). The tournament Director International Arbiter Ralph Marconi has informed that by finishing his playing schedule with an undefeated score of +4 =4 (6-2) he has assured that no one can catch him (several players can theoretically score 5½). Thus, David Myers becomes the current USA correspondence chess champion.

See the crosstable at the ICCF Server web site. The crosstable with photos and the complete game collection for the final will be added to the ICCF-U.S. archive when the event is finished.

This event is being played on the ICCF webserver.

Dave qualified for the final by tying for first place in his qualifying section (see crosstable), again with an undefeated score (+3 =3).

Dave Myers sent these comments:

"I found both rounds of the 1st WS USCCC to be very challenging, the first round no less than the second. For example, I played Alex Herrera twice, both hard fought games, with just two draws to show for my efforts. Although I finished undefeated, I had a very close call in my game with Robert Fass. He completely outplayed me in the opening, and I was near to resigning, when I literally blundered into a forced draw by repetition. My best games were vs Corky Schakel, whose style is very sharp and uncompromising, and vs Don Eilmes, in which it was necessary to solve a problem-like endgame with an exchange sacrifice. As a fitting follow-up to the US Championship, I have the privilege of competing in the 22nd ICCF World Championship Final, beginning early in 2008."

[8 Nov 2007 note: David Myers has qualified for an ICCF WC Final based on his #2 finish in his WC Candidates section. This USCCC win earns David one of the USA's nominations to the WCsf, which he may defer to a later time if he wishes. Thanks to Ruth Ann Fay for this clarification.]

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