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The ICCF-US provides links to sites we believe will be of interest to correspondence chess players. If you don't see a link you think we should have please contact the webmaster

The International Correspondence Chess Federation main site. Information about every aspect of the ICCF including World Ascension Tournaments, rules clarifications and congress minutes.
ICCF - Africa/Asia ICCF - Africa/Asia: a page dedicated to players from Africa and Asia to follow ICCF activities in their zone .
ICCF - Europa (ICCF European Zone) Home page for the ICCF European Zone. Includes a great ICCF Photo Album of ICCF people from all zones. (added 28-Feb-2004)
The ICCF Congress web site contains reports, photos and links for the annual ICCF Congresses starting with the 1999 Congress in Thun, Switzerland. (added 18-Dec-2002)
American Postal Chess Tournaments. ICCF affiliate offering opportunities for ICCF rated postal and email play. Several levels of competition are available.

CCLA Correspondence Chess League of America. ICCF affiliate offering opportunities for ICCF rated postal and email play. Several levels of competition are available.

The United States Chess Federation site. ICCF affiliate. Mostly dedicated to over the board play. Their web site has a section devoted to USCF Correspondence Chess.

Excellent site maintained by Tim Harding, editor of Chess Mail, the official magazine of the ICCF. Current events, player news, game results and much more. Frequently updated and definitely a must visit for any CC player.
The personal site of
10th World Champion
Victor (Vytas) Palciauskas

The Campbell Report, chess journalist J. Franklin Campbell's site devoted to correspondence chess containing an archive of his APCT columns plus articles by many chess journalists and other features. He also provides a results service with updated crosstables for the following events:
      1st Email USCCC Final
      1st Email USCCC Prelims
      2nd Email USCCC Prelims
      13th USCCC Final
      13th USCCC Prelims
      14th USCCC Final
      14th USCCC Prelims
      15th USCCC Final
      15th USCCC Prelims
      16th USCCC Prelims
      17th USCCC Prelims
      NAPZ Master Class sections
      NAPZ Email Master Class sections

The personal chess page of ICCF International Arbiter Ralph Marconi. He maintains a number of crosstables for ICCF events in addition to his other features.

10th United States CC champion Jon Edwards personal site. He has some interesting tips and games, and he provides instructions for beginners. You should also visit Jon Edwards' Chess BLOG. (updated 16-Mar-2004)

John Knudsen's
CorrespondenceChess.Com (CC.COM)

A major portal to many cc sites
John Knudsen's Page
The personal web site of ICCF Grandmaster Jason Bokar. Dr. Bokar recieved his GM title at the 2007 Benalmadena ICCF Congress for his outstanding results in the 15th ICCF Olympiad Final and the 4th North America Pacific Zone Championship. (updated 2-Dec-2007)
CCCA Canadian Correspondence Chess Association
NZ Chess NZ Chess, the main site for New Zealand chess.
Australia CCLA Correspondence Chess League of Australia (CCLA).
(updated 1-June-2004)
Hong Kong Chess Hong Kong Chess Federation.
Japan Postal Chess Association Japan Postal Chess Association.
US Chess Center The United States Chess Center. Mostly dedicated to academic chess with some interesting ideas for chess education.
Chess Journalists
of America
The CJA publishes a quarterly journal and conducts the annual competition for the best chess journalism for the year. This web site provides information on the organization, how to join, sample magazine articles and resources for the working chess journalist.
Opportunities for live internet play, books, game archives and dozens of well catagorized links.
The Internet Mining Company. Great chess search engine with a frequently updated database.
USA Correspondence Chess Rating Lists  
ICCF Rating List ICCF Rating List.
The ICCF rating list is now available interactively on the ICCF Webserver. Or... You'll find information about the rating of players in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) here. You can either download  the entire rating list in PDF format or download  ICCF Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder's comprehensive eloquery package, which will give you the most detailed information available of any rating list. There is also a link in the left navbar to an online search facility.
APCT Rating List APCT Rating List
The APCT Rating List is updated approximately every two months. The old rating lists are also available. Arranged alphabetically with links for quickly finding the area of interest.
CCLA Rating List CCLA Rating List
This is a rating list for the Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA) covering the latest 2-month period. It is arranged in alphabetical order with links to quickly find the pertinent area of the list.
USCF Rating List USCF Rating List
There are several U. S. Chess Federation cc rating lists available here covering 6-month periods. Just scroll down the page to "CC Ratings" and select the list to view.


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