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ICCF Congress, October/November 2004, Mumbai, India
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Photography by Ruth Ann Fay


Josef Mrkvička gets dancing lesson from Indian friends at Opening Banquet

Josef Mrkvička dancing with Indian friends at Opening Banquet

Dr. Ambar Chatterjee, Muhli Mulla, Søren Peschardt

Esko Nuutilainen and Tunc Hamarat

Fritz Baumbach, Tunc Hamarat, and Christine Varriale

Alena Mrkvickova and Indian friends

Gian Maria Tani, Everdinand Knol, Eric Ruch, Pablo Salcedo Mederos, and Med Samraoui

Pablo Salcedo Mederos and Ruth Ann Fay

Max Zavanelli, Evelin Radosztics, Alan Borwell, and Gerhard Radosztics

Alan Borwell, N. R. Anil Kumar, and Gerhard Radosztics

Max Zavanelli and Pablo Salcedo Mederos

Søren Peschardt, Alan Rawlings, Nol van ‘t Riet, Alan Borwell, and George Pyrich

Gian Maria Tani, Gianni Mastrojeni, Fritz Baumbach, Ervin Liebert

Fritz Baumbach, Ervin Liebert, and Heikki Brusila

Gerhard Radosztics, Evelin Radosztics, and Everdinand Knol

Dr. Miroslav Michalek, Artis Gaujens

Artis Gaujens, Marius Rocius, Pablo Salcedo Mederos, Guillermo Toro Solis de Ovando, and Carlos Flores Gutiérrez

Ruth Ann Fay, NAPZ Director picks up PATT IV medals and certificates from Josef Mrkvička; Gold for Canada and Silver for USA

Josef Mrkvička presents Max Zavanelli with PATT IV Bronze medals and certificates for Hong Kong

GM title for Artis Gaujens

Josef Mrkvička presents Pedro Hegoburu with SIM medal and certificate

Josef Mrkvička presents Pablo Salcedo Mederos with SIM medal and certificate

Josef Mrkvička presents Søren Peschardt with IM medal and certificate

Congress delegates watching and photographing the title presentations

Eric Ruch, Qualifications Commissioner at head table with Pedro Hegoburu, Max Zavanelli and Med Samraoui