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(Nov. 14, 2005)

ICCF 2005 Congress Phots!
Villa La Angostura Neuquen - Argentina
29 October - 5 November 2005

See: www.iccfus.com/congress2005/congress2005.htm for the photos!

Captions will be coming soon... but please take a first look at the photos from Argentina!


(October 24, 2005)

ICCF 2005 Congress about to begin!
Villa La Angostura Neuquen - Argentina
29 October - 5 November 2005

See: http://correspondencechess.com/congress/  for details!

Please note that Ruth Ann Fey and Max Zavanelli will be attending and won't be able to respond to queries from Oct. 26th until Nov. 11.

(September 13, 2005)

ICCF Releases New Rating List!
 ICCF Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder has released The new Rating List and is published on the ICCF Homepage. Also, the most recent update of ELO-Query is now available for download.

(August 19, 2005)

ICCF-NAPZ Webpage is launched! Recently, ICCF-Africa/Asia launched their web-page, which complimented the already published ICCF-Europa page. Hence, it was only natural to further develop the net presence of the ICCF Zones by creating the ICCF-NAPZ page. Herein you will find information and links to the goings-on in the North American Pacific Zone. Please feel free to comment on anything you might feel will help improve this webpage! Please keep in mind that this page is under construction, and will be updated regularly! Also note that in the past, ICCF-US also acted as a gateway for ICCF-NAPZ, and hence many of the pages here link to that site for the time being. Thanks!

SIM Jason Bokar, August 19, 2005

(prior to August 18, 2005)

ICCF-Europe and Asia launch Zonal Webpages


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