June 12, 2023


Team USA Brings Home the Bronze


Please join me in a belated celebration of Team USAs accomplishment in the 21st ICCF Olympiad. ICCF posted the final results on March 25 and your webmaster, in a senior moment, thought he had posted this remarkable result. So belatedly, the red headline is to celebrate a red letter day for our talented team.! After more than three years of play the US team finished in a tie for second place in the world on a plus 2 score, taking Bronze on tiebreaks, behind Luxembourg and ahead of Austria.


Now to recognize the players (all GMs) that made up that team:

1.    Stephen E. Ham (tie for 1st)

2.    Daniel M. Fleetwood (tie for 3rd)

3.    Tim Murray (tie for 1st on +1)

4.    Jon Ostriker (tie for 4th)

5.    Jason Bokar (tie for 4th on +1)

6.    Jon Edwards (tie for 4th)


Hearty congratulations to all six for not dropping a single game against extremely strong competition and special kudos to Tim and Jason for bringing home the two wins that earned the medal! And if you have any doubts about the strength of this crew, notice that the current World Champion is playing on 6th board.


Watch Chess Life for their coverage as they are currently soliciting our team for input to an upcoming article. It should be noted that this run to our first Olympiad medal since the 14th Olympiad started in September of 2016 with a preliminaries team consisting of Dan Perry, Carl Siefring, Wieland Belka, Kenneth Reinhart, Wilbur Tseng and Kristo Miettinen who placed first in their section to qualify the US for a berth in the Finals.